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MACE Secures $34,340 Grant

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Mansfield Adult Community Education (MACE) is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a $34,340 grant under the 'Fostering Integration' program providing by the Federal Department of Home Affairs. This grant will enable MACE to enhance our Mansfield Community Shed space to facilitate the health, well-being, and integration of our multicultural community members.

MACE secures grant to foster multicultural community members

With a strong commitment to building connections and celebrating diversity, MACE strives to enhance the lives of individuals from different cultural backgrounds. This newly enhanced dedicated space will provide a safe and inclusive environment for our community members to meet regularly, foster social cohesion, and receive social support.

The grant will enable MACE to outfit an exceptional facility that comprises both indoor and outdoor areas. This space will be tailored to meet the unique needs of our multicultural community, determined in consultation with the Mansfield Multicultural Group who have been supporting the community in Mansfield for many years. This will ensure it becomes a place where individuals can freely express their individual identities. It will be a comfortable and accessible location for all, fostering an inclusive environment that encourages interaction and promotes the overall well-being of members of our community.

"We are delighted to have been awarded the 'Fostering Integration' grant, as it will enable us to further our mission of creating an inclusive society where individuals from all backgrounds feel valued and supported," said Kylie Richards, CEO at MACE. "This dedicated space will serve as a hub for our multicultural community, fostering connections and providing vital services and support that enhance integration and resilience."

The improved Mansfield Community Shed facility will provide opportunities for individuals to engage in various cultural activities, workshops, and programs designed to encourage cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

MACE extends its gratitude to the 'Fostering Integration' program and the granting organisation for recognising the importance of supporting diverse communities. The funding received will have a profound impact on the lives of individuals within our multicultural community, enabling them to thrive, grow, and contribute to the wider society.

For more information about Mansfield Adult Community Education (MACE) and its initiatives, please visit or contact 5775 2077.

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