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2023 Annual Report Released

MACE was proud to announce a successful year of growth, community engagement, and financial sustainability, at our Annual General Meeting held in May. 2023 marked significant milestones and achievements across our diverse range of programs and services, reinforcing our commitment to enriching lives through learning, engagement, and community support.


Some key highlights:

  • Children’s Services Security: MACE secured a new 15-year lease for the Maternal & Family Children’s Centre on Davies Street. Additionally, we partnered with the Council to apply for the ‘Building Blocks’ grant, aiming to expand long day care places to meet future demand.

  • Strategic Realignment: Conducted a comprehensive strategic review to align with community needs, resulting in increased community participation and successful program outcomes.

  • Strong Financial Performance: Reported a surplus of $181,000, a 15% increase in revenue, and a reduction in debt by $28,000. The liquidity ratio stands at a healthy 3:1 with net assets of $2.1 million ​​.

  • Grant Success: Secured multiple grants to support digital literacy, community integration, and caregiver support, significantly enhancing our service offerings and organisational strength.

Looking ahead, MACE aims to further position itself as a Community Relationship Hub in 2024, focusing on enhancing community connections, reducing our carbon footprint, and continuing to adapt to the digital technology landscape. We will also explore expanding kindergarten and long day care places to meet rising demand.

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