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Graduation Ceremony

Accessing Education

is closer than ever

CUC Ovens Murray - Mansfield

MACE have partnered with CUC Ovens Murray to offer a dedicated learning and study space in Mansfield that has been designed for regional people by regional people.

We are driving change in regional education by empowering the Ovens Murray community to fulfil their potential through higher education.

The CUC Space is open to all registered students between


5am and 12 midnight


How MACE Can Help?

  • computers and laptops available to borrow

  • free wi-fi

  • free telephone, fax, and photocopy facilities 

  • face-to-face assistance, guidance and referrals through on-site CUC staff

  • kitchen access

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Please Note

Students wishing to utilise the CUC space MUST register through CUC.

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