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Our Values & Our Plans

Learning ~ Engagement ~ Community

A message from our CEO

Welcome to Mansfield Adult Community Education.

Our organisation has been a major community education provider in the North East region of Victoria since 1975. 

We provide training for young people, older adults, people returning to learning, the general community, people with a disability, workplaces and businesses. Our training programs include nationally-accredited qualifications, pre-accredited programs, compliance training and a range of leisure and lifestyle programs. 

In addition to our training programs, we provide

Community Development programs.

The Mansfield Adult Community Education Centre is also a registered Services Australia Agency. We hope the communities of North-East Victoria find our courses and services of interest and assistance and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Kylie Richards
Chief Executive Officer 

Strategic Plan

Statement of Purpose

Enriching connection through community diversity, participation and learning.​

Our Core Values

We will ensure that MACE is accountable by being open, transparent and ethical in all our practices and behaviours.

We will enable frameworks that exemplify quality across all MACE business and community activities

We will ensure the integrity of MACE by being honest, inclusive and respectful in our interaction and communication with everyone

Strategic Pillars

As a community-owned and values-driven provider, we need to remain responsible and agile in all that we do. To drive our future direction, we have developed four key strategic pillars...

The Way We

Work Internally








Understanding & Responsiveness

  1. Comprehensive financial forecasts that enable viability and a realistic approach.

  2. Strongly-built internal systems and organisational structures that are aligned to ensure measurable quality outputs, acceptable workload and compliance.

  3. Skilled and resourced staff who feel valued and understood, and who work within a consistent and uncompromising values-based frameworks. 

  1. MACE is known to regulators, funding bodies and community stakeholders as an organisation with integrity, that operates within ethical frameworks and honors its word.

  2. MACE is known to regulators and funding bodies as an organisation that successfully fulfills all contractual agreements and requirements.

  3. Residual matters pertaining to Third Party Providers are conducted in a professional and timely way without undue pressure on staff and with minimal impact on current and future activities.

  1. Clear, articulate, accurate and timely reporting protocols that reflect agreed outputs mapped against the business and strategic plans.

  2. MACE Board will have strong leadership and governance capabilities.

  3. The Values and Statement of Purpose developed by MACE underpin future decision-making, workplace relationships and stakeholder engagement.

  4. Future planning is considered and thoughtful, and based on organisational capability and a sound understanding of our limitations.

  1. The leadership role of MACE in Mansfield is built by strong connections to the community, including Council and businesses.

  2. Strategic partnerships will be built on a strong values-based frameworks.

  3. MACE will grow in a responsive and agile way and within our limitations. 

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