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Startup Shakeup

Startup Shakeup is a not-for-profit that supports Startups (new businesses), Shakeups (existing businesses doing things differently), and Innovators. We are passionate about building regional economic growth and supporting local businesses to solve local problems.

We have recently received funding to complete a study on digital access, affordability & capabilities for those running small businesses across North East Victoria. With all the stop-start of recent lockdowns and other natural events, it is more important than ever to be able to use online systems and capitalise on the potential for small business growth and success.

Startup Shakeup would like to ask for your support as a valued business owner to assist us in creating a snapshot of local businesses Digital Business Capacity through completing this online survey.

Our aim is to understand the digital capacity of those working in our SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) in all different industries within the region. This will allow us to build a roadmap of programs, support, and workshops to address areas of biggest needs. With this understanding, we can build responses that enable every business to access & use digital tools effectively.

If you would prefer to complete the survey over the phone, please contact and a time that suits you best can be arranged.

Please click the button below to enter your details (so there isn’t double ups), then follow the survey link to start. Please note survey results are confidential and anonymous:

Thank you for your time.

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