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Health & Well-being Courses

Class days, times, and locations vary. Enquire when enrolling.

Social Exercise

A social exercise group aimed at those wanting to build relationships whilst moving more!

These gentle movement classes will assist you to move your body for a healthier and better life, and meet new people along the way!

Guided by trained Leaders. Classes are offered in Mansfield, Merton and Bonnie Doon.

Mondays 6 May - 3 June

10am - 11.30am


In the MACE Community shed


Learn how to get down to the floor and get up again, in slow easy movements so that it becomes easier and possible to do. Learn how to roll to your side and get out of bed in one easy flowing motion.  Move with grace and ease and reduce habitual tension that causes pain. These gentle movement classes will assist you to lie, sit, stand and walk better and move easily between each position.

Can't find the course you need?

MACE welcomes enquiries and registrations for courses and training that interests you...

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