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Welcome to 2016

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Farewell 2015
MACE began as a neighbourhood House in 1975 – 40 years ago.
Last year, 2015, gave us the opportunity to reflect on the integral presence and influence MACE has had within the Mansfield Community over the past 4 decades.

MACE continues its role in supporting local Community groups, (some that had their very beginnings at MACE) including; Mmuds, Line Dancing, Mansfield Lifeball, Table Tennis, Patchwork and Quilting, Mansfield Men’s Shed, and Gadhaba Local Indigenous Network (GLIN).
Our Community Childcare Centre – Cubby House, finished 2015 with an outstanding result in their state government assessment achieving the coveted outcome of Exceeding. We will strive to maintain and improve our already exceedingly good Childcare services in 2016.

Looking Forward – 2016
MACE will have a strong focus on continuing and strengthening its presence within the Mansfield Community in offering courses, programs and events for and in partnership with businesses, students, clubs and hobby groups.
MACE is committed to providing excellent opportunities for personal learning in the areas of; wellbeing (yoga, meditation, Tai Chi), general interest (Spanish cookery, welding, digital photography, bee keeping), alongside short courses (Auslan, adult literacy, English tuition and entry level computer and iPhone/iPad devices).

Our Community Services programs in Aged Care, Home and Community Care (HACC) and Diploma in Community Services Work continue to see our local people become trained and qualified in careers that are in demand.
Our TAE Training and Assessment course continues to be well attended and affords opportunity for career transitions for many.
First Aid, Forklift, Farm Chemical, 1080, Chainsaw and hospitality short courses offered by MACE and in partnership with The Centre (Wangaratta), continue to service the local community with much needed training for entry-level employment opportunities in 2016.

In Closing
Both I and staff at MACE will continue to explore, innovate and create programs that are relevant and meaningful to our community, offering pathways to employment, personal growth, personal health and well-being into the future.
On behalf of the Board of Management, staff and myself, I would like to thank all of the Mansfield Community for their support over the past 40 years and in the coming year.
Kevin Vivian, Executive Officer

Welcome to MACE for Term 4 2015.

Friday, September 25, 2015
Welcome to MACE for Term 4, 2015.

As we enter our final term for 2015, I wonder where the year has gone? Spring has sprung which means that Mansfield will soon be alive with many activities leading up to Christmas. However it is never too late to start your learning journey or to gain additional skills and in Term 4 we offer some new courses for you to participate in. These include Auslan, Tai Chi, and Christmas Baking.

It’s goodbye from me and hello from Kevin

The MACE Board recently announced the appointment of Kevin Vivian as Executive Officer of MACE commencing September 21. Please join me in welcoming Kevin to MACE and to Mansfield and wish him well in the role.
I would like to thank the students, participants, staff, and Board members that I have worked with over the past fifteen years. Thank you for your support of MACE and I trust you will continue to support this vital community organisation.

Family Learning Support Program – Subsidised Childcare

MACE is pleased to offer Mansfield parents/carers heavily subsidised childcare for those who enrol in courses at MACE. Don’t let the cost of childcare be a barrier to your learning needs. Whether it is an accredited or pre-accredited course, eligible parents will be able to receive a childcare subsidy for up to 15 hours occasional care per week while they attend the course. Please contact us for further details.

Paul Sladdin, CEO

Hard work pays off

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Yesterday was the last class for the current crop of students completing their Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, the students lead by Trainer JoAnne Thornton have been studying since October. All the students have worked hard to achieve this qualification and we congratulate them on their achievements. This would not have happened without having the support of a dedicated trainer. So a hearty congratulations to you all.

Students complete Training and Assessment

Welcome to MACE for Term 1 2015

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

MACE 1975 – 2015

I hope you all had a relaxing holiday break and were able to enjoy some quality time with family and friends. Now may be the time to start thinking about returning to study in preparation for a change of career or for some self-development or just to keep the brain active. Here at MACE we offer a range of courses in a friendly and fun environment delivered by caring and experienced trainers.

In 2015 MACE celebrates its 40th Birthday! The organisation has gone through many changes since it began in 1975 when the focus was unashamedly to provide courses, talks and activities mainly for women. Today the organisation has evolved to be a major regional provider of Vocational Education and Training while retaining its commitment to providing a venue for social connection. Since 1975 MACE has effectively engaged disadvantaged people and those at risk of social isolation including people with a disability, older persons and concession cardholders. Our participants identify multiple reasons for coming to MACE and multiple benefits from attending our courses, activities and programs.

MACE will stage a celebratory event in May 2015 and the Mansfield community will be invited to participate.

Mansfield Education and Training Needs Analysis

Tell us what you really want! Throughout February and March 2015, MACE will be conducting an Education and Training Needs project within the Mansfield Shire. We want to know what training courses/programs you want to see MACE provide – whether it be an accredited course or a leisure/hobby activity. The project seeks the views of individuals, local businesses, community groups and industry.

MACE has engaged local company, Playfair Marketing Services, to undertake the community consultation and research and I ask you to please assist us by either completing a survey or participating in the consultation.

Family Learning Support Program – Subsidised Childcare

In 2015 MACE is pleased to again be able to offer Mansfield parents/carers heavily subsidised childcare for those who enrol in courses at MACE. Don’t let the cost of childcare be a barrier to your learning needs. Whether it is an accredited or pre-accredited course, eligible parents will be able to receive a childcare subsidy for up to 15 hours occasional care per week while they attend the course. Please contact us for further details.

I hope to see you in 2015 at Mansfield’s Learn Local organisation – the Mansfield Community Education Centre.

Paul Sladdin, CEO

Welcome to MACE for Term 4 2014

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Welcome to MACE for Term 4, 2014.

You will notice that the layout of this brochure is different to previous brochures in that it is back to front and upside down! This reflects the ever increasing changes to the compliance regulations in the Vocational Education and Training industry in which MACE operates. Previously it has been OK to combine accredited training programs and leisure (non-accredited) programs in the brochure however we are now required to promote them separately! Naturally our resources do not permit us to print separate brochures so we have decided on this format. I do hope it does not confuse you.

The Accredited training section of the brochure features a number of Certificate and Diploma courses which offer a range of potential job opportunities in areas where there are skill shortages. At a recent Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council presentation it was stated that in thirty years’ time the number of people aged 85 and over will be over three times what it is today - a staggering 1,655,997 people. This will require an additional 22,290 new workers each year in the community services area and not just in Aged Care.

MACE’s Community Services training offers a number of courses in Aged Care, Home & Community Care, Youth, Disability and Children’s Services and are well respected by the industry throughout the North East. MACE works closely with a large number community services providers through the practical placement of our students in workplaces which often leads to offers of employment. 

As we enter the final term for the year there are a number programs that I wish to highlight: we are pleased to announce that the MACE e-Learning platform is now up and running and I invite you to have a look at this on our website. There is a wide range of online courses you can now undertake in the comfort of your home or workplace and at a time of your choosing. With over 30 courses available I am sure you will find a topic of interest for you.

We welcome a new association with the Mansfield Coffee Merchant to host a range of exciting coffee making courses and as the weather starts to warm up we offer our popular Bee Keeping course and introduce a Snake Awareness session complete with live (non-venomous) snakes!

For our senior community members we introduce a new Digital Literacy program being conducted at MACE as well as at the Bonnie Doon Community Centre and we are also offering the popular Introduction to Computers course at a heavily discounted rate for this term only.

MACE is extremely pleased that the Mansfield Community Cubby House is finally operating out of its new premises at 10 Davies Street. I invite all parents and carers to tour the new centre centrally located in the beautiful park setting. Childcare places are limited and are filling fast therefore I urge you contact our Children’s Services Manager on 5775 1111 to organise a tour.

Lastly, MACE will once again host the High Country Quilters’ Charity Patchwork and Quilt Exhibition on November 1st and 2nd.

I hope to see you at Mansfield’s Learn Local organisation – the Mansfield Community Education Centre.

Paul Sladdin, CEO


Expression of interest Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Saturday, August 09, 2014
Will begin late September, one class day per fortnight. Our trainer, Jo Thornton, has created engaging and interactive training sessions that will inspire you to learn and develop your training skills. Further information below.

If you are a trainer or would like to become a trainer, then this course is for you. It allows you to work within the entire vocational education and training (VET) sector and is a highly sought after qualification.
This course teaches you the essential training and assessment activities including how to design and develop learning programs, how to meet client needs, how to plan, organise and deliver group-based learning, how to facilitate learning in the workplace, and how to create, implement and manage
assessment activities and processes.
Potential job opportunities are:

Trainer and/or Assessor 
• Training Advisor
Training Needs Analyst 
• Enterprise Trainer and/or Assessor

For further information on this course, or to lodge an expression of interest, please don't hesitate to contact the office. Phone: 03 5775 2077 or email:

Did you know?

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Did you know that MACE has a Facebook Page? Well we do, and if you use Facebook why not pop over and give it a Like. We put up to date information on courses and other activities happening at MACE. Just click the link below to find our page.

MACE Facebook Page

Our Dedicated Trainers II

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

If you want to be a trainer in this sector you need to have your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) The person who is responsible for delivering this training package must be an expert in the field. Jo Thornton is just such an expert, and is another of our dedicated trainers.

Jo Thornton Training and Assessment

Our Dedicated Trainers

Friday, August 01, 2014
We are very fortunate at MACE that we have a dedicated group of Trainers who go the extra mile for their students. Here is a brief profile of our First Aid Trainer Bianca Sheeran. You can find out more information on our range of First Aid course options, and dates, from our latest course booklet, or by contacting the office. Telephone: 03 5775 2077 or email: 

Bianca Sheeran, First Aid Trainer

MACE Course Booklet Term III 2014 now available!

Friday, July 18, 2014
Welcome to MACE for Term 3, 2014.

MACE Graduation

MACE held its annual graduation ceremony in June to celebrate the achievements
of the 2013 academic year. A total of 436 students graduated in various vocational
fields including Community Services, Hospitality, Accounting and Outdoor
Education. Qualification levels ranged from Certificate I through to Diploma with
2013 having the highest number of Diploma students ever enrolled at MACE. It
was pleasing to see the large number of graduates attending the evening with
their families and friends.

MACE e-learning platform
The introduction of our new e-learning platform has been boosted with a recent
announcement of funding from the Department of Education and Early Childhood
Development towards the project. This additional funding will enable MACE to
keep the costs associated with enrolling in the online courses.

A new Era in Community Childcare
The new Cubby House centrally located at the Mansfield Family and Children’s
Centre 10 Davies Street Mansfield is set to open during Term 3. The children,
families and staff are excited about the move to the new premises which are
currently being furnished with new equipment, toys and learning materials. We
look forward to inviting the community to an Open Day in the near future.

I hope to see you at Mansfield’s Learn Local organisation – the Mansfield
Community Education Centre.
Paul Sladdin, CEO

To download your copy of our new Term III Course Booklet just click on the link below.